The possibilities with crochet are endless when you have creativity and enough yarn!

Hi, I’m Sammy, the maker behind Knot For U. 

I crochet all the pieces available on my site, and I even designed some myself! That's me in the pink floral dress in the pic above with some of my lovely friends who modeled for me!
Since I was a child, I always loved craft projects, Micheals was my favorite toy store. Over the years I’ve tried my hand at macrame, jewelry, sewing, and even knitting. But I found my true passion for crocheting about 4 or 5 years ago. I started crocheting around the time that mermaid tail blankets were trendy, I wanted one but thought to myself “I could make that” and so I did just that! I ended up making a bunch of tails to sell to my friends and families and even made a couple of shark styles. Soon after I started making tops and thus, Knot For U Crochet was born! 

Crochet wear isn’t just for skinny beach bods, you can incorporate crochet into your outfits for any and all occasions, regardless of your body type! From a faux fur shawl that adds elegance to any little black dress, to a large crochet pouf (free pattern coming soon) to decorate your space to purses that add the perfect boho touch -the possibilities with crochet are endless when you have creativity and enough yarn. 

All my pieces are handmade and can be custom-made to fit YOU! I do take custom orders so feel free to reach out with any requests whether it’s something I’ve made before or something you may have seen on Pinterest that you would like recreated - with my own touch of course! 

Crochet wear is slow-fashion all made by hand, not fast-fashion, so please keep in mind each piece is unique and takes time to make. 

Take a look around my site and my beautiful works of crochet arts. Check out my events page to see when and where my next pop-up shop will be so you can come by and take a closer look at my crochet pieces. 

Make sure you follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to see what’s new with my shop and fun ways to incorporate crochet wear into your wardrobe.

Thanks for coming by! 


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