Delicate and unique, each piece is hand crocheted with love in every stitch. 

What started off as a hobby bloomed into a meditative art. I started my exploration into fiber art through the use of simple macrame and embroidery floss to create customizable friendship bracelets in high school which prove profitable. After graduating high school and embarking on the crazy journey from teen to adulthood, I lost touch with her artistic side. Until one day in the fall of 2015 when I entered a craft store near her house, I was overflowed with memories and joy from her childhood based on braiding, beading, sewing, and other crafts. From that moment, I dove back into the world of crafting trying out macrame, weaving, knitting, and then finally crochet. I've been hooked ever since!
The art of crochet has helped me grow and develop life goals. Crocheting has become a therapeutic tool for me and helps me find my inner peace and ground me into each moment with each stitch. I began studying marketing to learn to grow my business and market my art. I've even found a community of like-minded artists through Instagram who have helped me and supported my artistic growth. 

While I may create as I crochet, crocheting has also helped make into a happier and more fulfilled person. 

Each piece in my shop is handmade by my self. I appreciate all the support I receive from friend, family, and strangers who purchase from my small shop. Each compliment, follow, like, and order encourages me to continue my dream and I hope I inspire the same in other.

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